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SKENÈ. TEXTS AND STUDIES is a peer-reviewed academic series that encourages contributions that aim at stimulating a discussion on critical approaches to the play text and the performance text within an interdisciplinary context. Philological, linguistic, rhetorical, semiotic, and translation studies, as well as literary and philosophical hermeneutics, reception studies, sociology of theatre, and performance studies may all contribute to a lively confrontation between different perspectives and critical views. Skenè. JTS also promotes the interaction between international scholars of various humanistic areas, furthering a dialogue between renowned and younger researchers. Articles on issues, questions, and specifics of drama and theatre texts from antiquity to the present are welcome. Areas of special interest are the forms, modes and genres of play texts, and the impact of dramaturgy and performance on their codification.

Online Publication

Manuscripts accepted for publication are not allowed to be published in any other online repository. Online reference to the publication on the Skenè site can be made by uploading the frontispiece followed by the appropriate URL.


Please send a 300-word abstract and a 150-word bio-biblio to or to For further information, see Submission.

Evaluation criteria

The major criteria in the selection process concern sthe originality of the contribution and its significance to the field of theatre and drama studies. The following criteria will also be taken into consideration: 

  • Suitability of the topic for Skenè. JTS;
  • Theoretical background and rationale of proposal and individual papers;
  • Methodological adequacy of the individual papers;
  • Clarity and significance of the results;
  • Quality of discussion and conclusions;
  • Completeness of the proposal. 

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