Shakespeare and the Mediterranean: The Tempest


Fabio Ciambella (ed)
Sapienza University of Rome


Is Shakespeare’s The Tempest a Mediterranean play? This volume explores the relationship between The Tempest and the Mediterranean Sea and analyses it from different perspectives. Some essays focus on close readings of the text in order to explore the importance of the Mediterranean Sea for the genesis of the play and the narration of the past and present events in which the Shakespearean characters participate. Other chapters investigate the relationship between the Shakespearean play, its resources from the Mediterranean Graeco-Latin past and its afterlives in twentieth-century poems looking at the Mediterranean dimension of the play. Moreover, influences on and of The Tempest are investigated, looking at how Italian Renaissance music may have influenced some choices concerning Ariel’s song(s) and how The Tempest has shaped the production of twentieth-century Italian directors. Finally, other chapters try to reaffirm the centrality of the Mediterranean Sea in The Tempest, bringing to the fore new textual evidence in support of the Mediterraneity of the play, by adopting and/or criticising recent approaches.


  • Introduction
    Fabio Ciambella
  • How Did Shakespeare Write The Tempest?
    Paul Edmondson, Stanley Wells
  • Navigating Time: Memories of Mediterranean Worlds in The Tempest
    Silvia Bigliazzi
  • Prospero, or the Demiurge. Platonic Resonances in Shakespeare’s Mediterranean
    Cristiano Ragni
  • Auden and the ‘Myth’ of The Tempest
    Erin Reynolds
  • Ariel’s Music in Italian and English Madrigal Forms
    Shira F. Melcer
  • The Tempest in Italian Dialects
    Emanuel Stelzer
  • Shakespeare’s Nature in Time. Contextualising Ecocritical Readings of The Tempest
    Magdalena Gabrysiak
  • Mediterranean Echoes in the The Tempest: the Rape of Miranda between Race and Politics
    Anmol Deep Singh



August 23, 2023

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