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This series presents monographs and edited collections of essays on the theory, practice, and history of theatre and drama from the antiquity to the present. Areas of special interest are the forms, modes and genres of play texts, the impact of dramaturgy and performance on their codification, philological, linguistic, rhetorical, semiotic, and translation issues. Approaches may include a variety of different perspectives, from textual to cultural and reception studies, sociology of theatre, and performance studies.

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Oedipus at Colonus and King Lear: Classical and Early Modern Intersections

Silvia Bigliazzi; Stephen Orgel, Carlo Maria Bajetta, Laura Slatkin, Gherardo Ugolini, Guido Avezzù, Francesco Lupi, Anton Bierl, Robert S. Miola, Sheila Murnaghan, Seth L. Schein, Annamaria Beltrametti, Silvia Bigliazzi, David Lucking, Nicola Pasqualicchio, Barry A. Spence, Tamas Dobozy, Eric Nicholson, Avra Sidiropoulou
December 30, 2019

Συναγωνίζεσθαι: Studies in Honour of Guido Avezzù. Vol. 1.1

Silvia Bigliazzi, Francesco Lupi, Gherardo Ugolini; Stephen Halliwell, Maria Grazia Bonanno, Vittorio Citti, Angela Andrisano, Pierre Judet de La Combe; Liana Lomiento, Enrico Medda, Franco Montanari, Antonietta Provenza, Alessandro Grilli, Giovanni Cerri, Renzo Tosi, Roberto Nicolai, Seth Schein, Camillo Neri, Paola Bernardini, Adele Teresa Cozzoli, Jordi Redondo, Marco Zanolla, Edward Harris
December 20, 2018

Συναγωνίζεσθαι: Studies in Honour of Guido Avezzù. Vol. 1.2

Silvia Bigliazzi; Francesco Lupi; Maria Pia Pattoni, Paola Volpe, Eric Nicholson, Francesco Dall'Olio, Vayos Liapis; Gherardo Ugolini; Douglas Cairns, Avra Sidiropoulou, Martina Treu, Adele Scafuro, Hiroshi Notsu, Anton Bierl, Walter Lapini, Mauro Tulli, Simona Brunetti, Nicola Pasqualicchio, Sotera Fornaro; Silvia Bigliazzi
December 20, 2018